As a graduate student, your academics always should come first! However, we understand there can be bumps in the road. That's why HU has an Academic Standing that consists of 3 phases which can be found in the Graduate Catalog:

A graduate student with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher is in satisfactory academic standing.

Please see our article for more information on calculating your GPA. A student whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 is not in satisfactory academic standing and will be placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Academic Dismissal according to the following policy: 


First Occurrence - Warning 

Following the first semester in which the student does not meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement, the student will automatically be placed on Academic Warning for the next semester. A letter will be issued advising the student of their Academic Warning status. No appeal is needed, but in consultation with the Office of Student Services, an academic plan may be required. 


Second Consecutive Occurrence - Probation

If, by the end of the Academic Warning semester, the student is not able to achieve the minimum cumulative GPA requirement, a letter will be issued placing the student on Academic Probation status for the next semester. No appeal is needed, but in consultation with the Office of Student Services, an academic plan may be required. 

Third Consecutive Occurrence - Dismissal

If a student after three consecutive semesters has a cumulative GPA that remains below 3.00, a letter of dismissal will be issued.  

What To Do If You Receive Notice of Academic Warning or Academic Probation

1. The best way to quickly and effectively raise your GPA is to reattempt a course in which you received a low grade, such as an “F”. If you are successful at the second attempt, your new grade will replace the previous grade. We do not recommend taking new courses instead of repeating “F” grades. Even if you are successful in those courses, your cumulative GPA may still fall below a 3.00, putting you at risk for dismissal. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ON F-1 VISAS: Repeating courses will put you behind in your degree progression which will affect your status. To avoid this, you will need to "overload" on courses one semester (take 3 courses instead of 2). Information regarding this policy can be found HERE. Questions relating to this policy should be directed to the International Student Office via the Student Support Portal.

2. Review the academic support resources on our Student Services SharePoint site. We have many tools and people here to help you be successful. If you start to fall behind, reach out to us ASAP!

What to Do If You Receive Notice of Academic Dismissal

If you are dismissed as a result of failure to meet satisfactory academic progress, you may file an academic appeal within five (5) days from notification of dismissal. Please refer to this article on How to Appeal an Academic Dismissal for further instructions.