A grade point average (GPA) is numerical calculation of a student’s  academic performance.  Each grade is assigned is number value, and then you calculate the average of your grades. 

Semester GPA = average of a student's performance for that particular semester.

Cumulative GPA = average of a student's performance for ALL semesters at HU. 

How to Calculate Your GPA:

Total Quality Points / Total Credits Attempted

Here's an example:

Sample GPA
Course NameAttempted Hours
 (this will always be 3)
Numerical Value of Grade
Quality Points
(Attempted Hours X Numerical Value of Grade)
Intro to Program Management3A4.0012.00
Intro to Data Sciences3B3.009.00
Intro to Computer Information Sciences3C2.006.00
Intro to Learning Technologies & Media Systems3F0.000.00

GPA (Total Quality Points / Total Credits Attempted)27/12 = 2.25

Where You Can Find Your GPA:

Yes! You don't have to calculate your own GPA! You can find it right on the "Degree Audit Portlet" of the Academics tab on your MyHU:

1. Log onto your MyHU and navigate to the Academics tab at the top. Click on "Degree Audit Portlet" on the right hand side of your screen. 

2. Click on "View all details."

3. Here you will find your GPA!

    Overall GPA = Cumulative GPA