You have the right to appeal an Academic Dismissal as outlined in the Graduate Catalog

  • Make sure you are selected Graduate from the dropdown menu at the top
  • Click on "Academic Policies" on the right hand side
  • Select "Academic Standing Policy"

How to Appeal an Academic Dismissal

It's very important that you read through these guidelines and follow all of the instructions. Incomplete or incorrect appeals will not be accepted!

1. You must submit your appeal by the deadline stated in the notification from Records and Registration. Late appeals will not be accepted.

2. Address your letter to the "Academic Appeals Committee." Make sure to include your name and student ID number. 

3. Provide a detailed account of the circumstances that lead to you not being successful academically. An appeal will be considered only if your failure to meet the standards of academic progress is determined to be due to events beyond your control.  Examples of circumstances for which an appeal may be considered include military obligations, death of a relative, injury or illness of the student, unusual personal hardship, or other extenuating circumstance. 

4. Write about what has changed so that those circumstances will no longer impede your academic success.

5. Include a detailed academic plan of how you will recover your GPA and be successful. 

  • Student Services has many resources to help! I encourage you to visit our SharePoint site an explore what we have to offer.

6. You must provide documentation of the circumstances. If your circumstances are medical, the documentation must come from a doctor located in the United States.

7. Combine all of these into one PDF and send to