NOTE: The information below is a brief overview of the appeals process. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the Academic Code of Conduct. When information in this article conflicts with information in the Academic Code of Conduct, the Academic Code of Conduct is the point of truth.

Students have the right to appeal a determination of an Academic Code of Conduct violation as stated in the Academic Code of Conduct

How to Appeal an Academic Code of Conduct Violation

1. Write a letter addressed to the "Academic Appeals Committee" within three (3) days of the notification. Late appeals will not be considered. That letter should contain:

  • Evidence of why you believe you did not violate Harrisburg University's Academic Code of Conduct. This must prove that the determination was made in error. Even if the violation was an accident, that is not a reason for appeal and your appeal will not be considered. You may only appeal the determination, not the sanction, even if you feel the sanction was too harsh.
  • Provide supporting documentation that supports your case of why the determination was made in error. Examples include emails, assignments, Turnitin reports, literature reviews, etc. 

2. Combine all of this into one (1) PDF and email to

3. You will receive an email from Graduate Student Services confirming the receipt of your appeal.

4. The Associate Vice President of Student Services will review your appeal and send you a final determination in a timely manner. Additional details regarding the appeal procedures can be found in the Academic Code of Conduct.