All students at Harrisburg University are required to know and understand the Academic Code of Conduct. If you do not understand something, you must open a new ticket, and the Graduate Student Services Coordinator will provide clarification.

Harrisburg University's Code of Student Academic Conduct (Academic Code) sets forth the standards of academic integrity and honesty which student members of our academic community are expected to follow. HU faculty are also bound to adhere to the strictest standards of academic integrity and honesty.  

Violations of HU's Academic Code include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating
  • Plagiarism
  • Self-Plagiarism
  • Fabrication

Definitions are these prohibited behaviors are found in the Academic Code.

Academic dishonesty undermines the learning experience. It is deceptive and consequently corrosive to HU’s intellectual principles and ethical standards. Violations of the Academic Code are very serious and possible sanctions include failure of a course and/or dismissal. 

Accessing the Academic Code of Conduct

The Academic Code can be found on the Student Services SharePoint HERE

What To Do If You Violate The Academic Code of Conduct

Students who violate the Academic Code of Conduct will be notified by the Office of Student Services via email. Students have the right to appeal this decision within three (3) days of the notification. To appeal an Academic Code of Conduct, please follow the instructions here: Academic Code of Conduct Appeals