All students at Harrisburg University are required to know and understand the Student Code of Conduct. If you do not understand something, you must open a new ticket, and the Graduate Student Services Coordinator will provide clarification.

The purpose of HU’s Student Code of Conduct (Code) is to provide a safe, inclusive, and secure environment by discouraging conduct inconsistent with the mission and standards of the institution. The Code is published so students are notified of prohibited behavior, as well as their rights and responsibilities during the Code process. The intent of the Code’s process is to provide fair due process in determining whether a student is responsible for violating HU’s rules or policies. This Code provides a means for students to exercise their rights and responsibilities within the Code’s system. The Code also ensures the interests of the entire HU community are considered.

Violations of the Code are very serious and sanctions can be as severe as expulsion, depending on the offense.

Accessing the Student Code of Conduct

You can access Harrisburg University's Student Code of Conduct via the Student Services SharePoint site HERE