Student Services provides a broad spectrum of services to our students at HU. It's important to differentiate between the services provided. This article will address the differences between ADA accommodations, student advocacy and support measures.

ADA Accommodation or Access Services: Here is a Policy Statement Regarding Students with Disabilities.pdf icon Link to HU’s Student Policy

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), HU provides equal education opportunities for persons with disabilities through reasonable accommodations for qualified students.


As a faculty or staff member, you may work with students that have been provided an accommodation through our office. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Students must provide the documentation directly to the faculty member or staff member. 
  • The Office of Student Services cannot confirm accommodations. The student must disclose to the faculty or staff member. 
  • The Office of Student Services can assist a faculty or staff member who needs clarification on a student’s accommodation, provided the student has disclosed to the faculty member.
  • Faculty members are not responsible for making decision about accommodations. 


Below is an example of an access letter. The document can either be a PDF version or a paper printout of the letter. Please note the date of the letter and the “valid through” date. There will be an electronic signature on the bottom of the document. If a student presents you with an outdated letter, please refer the student to

Example of a letter that has been provided for an imaginary student for faculty reference.

Student Advocacy: On occasion, students experience beyond normal life challenges that would cause the Office of Student Services to advocate on behalf of the student. This is for exceptional circumstances such as unexpected and major illnesses, house fires, loss of child or spouse, or issues on campus. The Office of Student Services may reach out to you via email to advocate on behalf of a student. This is different from an accommodation through our ADA process. The Office of Student Services will work with the faculty member directly to find an agreeable solution to best support the student. This could be an incomplete grade, late withdrawal from a course, excused absences, or extension for an assignment.


Support Measures: The Office of Student Services will sometimes implement “support measures” in accordance with our student conduct policies or in response to a student grievance. In these instances, either the AVP of Student Services or a Title IX Coordinator will reach out to faculty. Support measures may include moving a student to a new section, providing asynchronous course content, or requesting an incomplete.