How to do I access the Graduate Student Online Orientation Course

You will receive an email from before the semester begins and after you pay your deposit. You will be automatically enrolled in the course and that email will contain instructions on how to log on and complete the course.

I don't see the course - What do I do?

1. Take a deep breath and relax

2. Make sure that you received the welcome email from

This will only be sent to you after you have been admitted, paid your deposit, and registration for that semester opens

4. Give it an hour or 2 - sometimes there is a delay from when you receive the welcome email and when Canvas updates. It if still isn't there after 4 hours or so, submit a ticket.

How do I know when I finished the Online Orientation Course? 

The very last module will contain a link to an Online Orientation Completion Form. Fill that out and you are good to go! A copy of that form will automatically be sent to your HU email account for your records.

How do YOU know I finished the Online Orientation Course?

See above. Graduate Student Services also gets a copy of that form for our records!

Still have questions? Graduate Student Services is here to help make your transition to HU as smooth as possible. Send us a ticket - if we don't know the answer, we know who will!