Being a new student or starting a new program is stressful enough. We are here to help! HU has a “Checklist” that shows you all the tasks you’ve already completed, as well as tasks you still need to do. It also contains contact information if you come across issues.

The New Student Checklist is currently only available to Executive Format (14 week semester) students studying through the US campuses. 

How to View Your New Student Checklist

1. Log onto your MyHU and click on the "Accepted Graduate Student" tab at the top.

2. Your New Student Checklist will show up under the "Graduate Status" box on the right-hand side of the page.

Tasks you have completed will show up in green

Task you still need to complete will show up in red

Tasks Included in the Checklist (And Links to Instructions!):

The documentation you need to provide will depend on your specific status. For detailed instructions on what you may need to provide based on your status, refer to communications sent to your HU email from the International Student Office.

Still have questions? Graduate Student Services is here to help make your transition to HU as smooth as possible. Send us a ticket - if we don't know the answer, we know who will!