Sometimes student behavior concerns become more than a faculty or staff member can or should address. HU has a team called HU CAREs to address beyond the norm concerns. Faculty or staff members should refer a student to the CAREs Team if they notice the following behavior:

  • Unusual or erratic behavior in class, in the residence halls, during advising sessions, etc.
  • Sudden extended absence from class or activities by a typically engaged student.
  • Written work or creative expression with troubling themes or references.
  • Written or verbal expressions of suicidal ideation or intent or mention of harm to others.
  • Marked negative changes in academic performance.
  • Noticeable decline in personal appearance/change in hygiene.
  • Repeatedly engaging in disruptive behaviors in class.
  • Excessive or inappropriate anger.
  • Economic distress where a student may be in immediate need of room, board, or medical attention.
  • Disruptive behavior that may indicate a potential mental health or addiction concern.

HU community members can report a student via the CAREs Referral Form.  CAREs referrals are not monitored 24/7.  If the behavior feels like an immediate threat to the student or the community or an emergency, call 9-1-1. 

Learn more about the HU CAREs Team on the Student Services Sharepoint site