Graduate Student Services Mission Statement

To advance the mission of the Office of Student Services by providing services and programs to support students, advocate on their behalf, and create an individualized student experience that meets the needs of our graduate students. We collaborate with HU stakeholders to foster a culture of educational and personal success while upholding the University's values and maintain high standards.

Graduate Student Services is here to assist you with navigating HU and connecting with various resources on and off-campus. We will: 

  • Connect students with and provide academic resources such as tutoring or support for ESL/ELL
  • Provide mental health counseling and resources
  • Orient students to campus, programs, and campus resources
  • Advocate on behalf of a student for documented and qualified illnesses and personal challenges
  • Connect you with on and off-campus resources for various support such as food insecurity, social services, or medical services
  • Manage the conduct resolution process, including academic misconduct; provide support and clarification through the conduct processes
  • Support student events, activities, and organizations
  • Guide you to appropriate resources